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What Should We Do with the Rest of the Semester?

So we have to figure out what to do with Intermediate Macroeconomics, Econ 101b, for the rest of the semester, now that we have finished the "core models" sections of the course.

Here are my current thoughts on what we should do when the students return from spring vacation:

March 31: The Market for "Lemons"

April 2: Models of Financial Crises

April 4: Ways of Dealing with Financial Crises

April 7: How Are We Doing?

April 9: What Should We Do Next?

April 11: Holiday: Brookings Panel on Economic Activity

April 14: "Global Imbalances"

April 16: Risks of International Financial Crisis

April 18: Why Is China Doing This--Undervaluation and Export-Led Growth, That Is?

April 21: Global Divergence, Bigtime

April 23: Externalities: Sources of Virtuous Circles

April 25: Economic Policy with Endogenous Growth

April 28: The Current Situation Update

April 30: Conservative Central Bankers

May 2: Monetary Transmission Mechanism

May 5: Permanent Income/Are Government Bonds Net Wealth?

May 7: Social Security

May 9: Medicaid, Medicare, Long-Run Budget

May 12: Applications Exam

May 16: FINAL EXAM 8-11 AM

And, of course, there are all the things I have covered in the past or would like to cover that have to be dumped. Sigh:

Stabilization Policy since WWII

Looking Back at the Great Depression: What Went So Wrong?

The Productivity Slowdown: the 1970s

The Productivity Speedup: the 1990s

Is the Singularity in Our Future or in Our Past?

U.S. Income Distribution

European Youth and Structural Unemployment

"Animal Spirits": Understanding the Stock and Real Estate Markets

Was the Volcker Deflation Necessary?

Evaluating the Greenspan Years

Global Environment

Political Business Cycle

The NAIRU and Its Vicissitudes