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Ezra Klein: The Clinton Campaign Thinks It Is Playing the Wrong Game

Ezra Klein gives the Clinton campaign a very important strategy lesson, worth more than all the money they have ever paid to their consultants and strategeryists. You see, the Clinton campaign thinks that it is playing a game of Calvinball. But actually it is participating in a popularity contest judged by the superdelegates:

Ezra Klein: The Clinton team is playing as if this will be decided on points. But in fact, it will be decided by judges, some of them empires, some of them representatives of the crowd, some of them big donors to the stadium. And those judges are terrified of pissing off their loyal fan base. The strategy here should be making the loyal fan base like you, not trying to pummel the other team....

[I]f Clinton is to have any chance, any chance at all, African-American voters need to feel comfortable with her ascension. If they don't, and if Obama is rendered unelectable, than the convention will sooner choose a third candidate (Edwards, Gore, etc) than elevate Clinton.... Clinton... could have scored some points with this group by forcefully defending Obama on Wright. But every time she takes a shot at one of these racially-charged controversies, she makes her own nomination less likely. She may score a point, but she turns off more fans, and thus renders more judges unable to vote for her.