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This Morning, Out on the Trail...

Some Observations on the Blackjack Movie "21," Mostly from the Fourteen-Year-Old's Math Class

In random order:

  • The Monty Hall Problem is much too elementary to be a plausible
    subject for a proper MIT nonlinear dynamics class.
  • They should have changed their hand-signals and their voice codes
    each time They went to Las Vegas--communications security is important.
  • The women and the Asian-American on the team had the hard cognitive
    task: keeping the card count accurately while giving no sign that they
    were doing so.
  • All the male lead had to do was bet when the odds were favorable.
  • But the movie did not show who was doing the cognitively-hard work.
  • A movie about math should not have the camera spend more time
    looking at strippers than at blackboards.

I don't know about you, but I am certainly impressed by these

Then again, these are the fourteen-year-olds who are in precalc...