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The Dead of Iraq

Deniel Davies observes that 27,000,000 x 0.24 / 10 = 648000:

D-squared Digest -- FOR bigger pies and shorter hours and AGAINST more or less everything else: 27,000,000 x 0.24 / 10 = 648000

One of those fifth anniversary surveys, asks a number of questions, but look at Q20. Apparently, 24% of Iraqis answered "yes" to the question "Have you personally experienced the murder of a member of your family or relative since the invasion in 2003?". If we were to assume that no families in Iraq had more than one member murdered, for this response to be consistent with an overall violent death count of 150,000, the average size of an Iraqi family would have to be 35.

Mind you, the poll is dodgy - 10% of Iraqis claim to have personally seen a car bomb or suicide attack in the last month, but this is clearly impossible because the surge is working.