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Warranted Stock Market Valuations and the Price-Earnings Equation Once Again

Bloomberg San Francisco Bureau at Pier 3

Do we have wifi? Yes! We have wifi! Does it connect to the net? Yes!!

I am stunned and awed by the Bloomberg San Francisco bureau--they have been in it since February. It is amazing what you can do with an old cargo terminal/wearhouse built out over San Francisco Bay... with a few coats of paint... and some hardwood flooring... and more miles of gigabit ethernet cabling than I have ever seen in my life... and teh scuba divers to lay the foundations for the elevators...

Wow! I suppose that two-thirds of the time it must be either dark or foggy, but the remaining third it is absolutely glorious!

Here to do Tom Keene's show:

And to do a panel on exchange rates:

FX panel discussion on 5/20: "Dollar Weakness and Financial Crisis: A Bloomberg Panel": 4PM, Bloomberg San Francisco Bureau (Pier 3, SF, 94111): In this historic year, Bloomberg L.P. brings together two top, but different minds to discuss the interdependencies of the economy, credit and foreign exchange markets. Particular focus will be made on the imbalance of Pacific Rim and European capital flows. Moderated by Thomas Keene, host of Bloomberg on the Economy, the seminar will address recent dollar strength as LIBOR spreads...attempt to narrow.

Panelists: J. Bradford DeLong, Professor of Economics, University of California at Berkeley; Robert Sinche, Head of Strategy: Global Rates, FX & Commodities, Bank of America