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Impeach George W. Bush

For a president to be so unpopular that congressman who represent highly rural parts of the prarie would rather spend time with their families than go to Bucyrus, Kansas to be photographed with the president--that is an impeachable offense.

Robert Waldmann makes the catch from Scout Finch of the Daily Kos:

Robert's Stochastic Thoughts: The "time with his family" is so excellent...

Here is Scout Finch, who notes:

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Bush appearance is who isn't there. The KC Star notes who is absent and their list of cough previous commitments...

Here is teh story:

Sam Hananel: [T]he state's top Republicans are skipping the event. Both of the state's Republican senators are taking a pass, as are both GOP congressmen.... Sen. Pat Roberts will be in California.... Sen. Sam Brownback... will be traveling in southwest Kansas.... Rep. Jerry Moran, a Republican who represents western Kansas, will be at another event.... Wichita-area Republican Rep. Todd Tiahrt plans to spend time with his family...