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Why Aren't More People Going to College?

Malthusian Danger Cage Match Round II

Steve Bodzin joins the Malthus-McArdle team against Greg Clark and Brad DeLong:

Hoisted from Comments: Steve Bodzin: Howdy Brad,

It's not so simple, is it? Real estate and urban planning lock in high levels of energy consumption in the U.S. There is no easy way for the U.S. to approach a Danish level of consumption without, in Clark's word, "suffering." Some of this "suffering" -- fewer vehicle and air trips and a reduction in use of climate control -- would be very good for the environment and economy, but when choices become more constrained by a lack of resources, that is indeed suffering.

Except for the high-schoolers being forced to bike to school in Davis. That isn't suffering.

It is in June! And in August! Being forced to leave one's bathtub in Davis during the summer is suffering!