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From his steel-and-glass headquarters in Alternate Universe, PA, he writes:

TPMCafe | Talking Points Memo | Liberal Pundits Offer Unprecedented Apology: Alternate Universe Washington, DC (AUP)--An influential group of liberal pundits and political commentators has formed a new organization to apologize for their columns on Ned Lamont's 2006 challenge to Joe Lieberman (R - Forallintentsandpurposes) and to call for their own resignations.

The organization, "Repentant Villagers," announced today that it would be issuing formal apologies to hundreds of liberal bloggers, including Duncan Black, Jane Hamsher, Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, Glenn Greenwald, and "Digby," acknowledging that the progressive blogosphere was right about Lieberman after all. "No one could have anticipated the breach of the party," said Jonathan Chait, senior editor of the New Republic. "But Lieberman's recent op-ed, calling the Democratic Party insufficiently pro-American, is just sheer barking lunacy. I could never have seen this coming two years ago when I was calling Lieberman's critics 'a pack of crazed, ignorant ideological cannibals,' and I'm deeply sorry. It looks like I turned out to be the truly ignorant one in the end."

Time magazine columnist Joe Klein sounded a similar note, saying, "it's true what that Eschatros guy says on his blog--we really do live in a village*, and we really do listen only to each other. I just never realized what a hermetic little clique I inhabit until I started reading around in the fever swamp of the blogosphere--and now I wonder, frankly, what makes my commentary any better than the bloggers'. Because I was clearly so clueless on Lamont-Lieberman that I really need to check myself. Now I wonder whether my columns on FISA were any good, or whether I was just making stuff up."

Perhaps the most scathing self-critique came from Jacob Weisberg, who called for himself to step down as editor of the prominent online journal Slate. "I just don't believe in myself anymore," said Weisberg. "When I wrote that Lamont's victory would spell disaster for the Democrats because it would represent the triumph of McGovernite peaceniks and Communist symps, I must have been on acid or something. Seriously. Look at what I actually wrote:

Whether Democrats can avoid playing their Vietnam video to the end depends on their ability to project military and diplomatic toughness in place of the elitism and anti-war purity represented in 2004 by Howard Dean and now by Ned Lamont.

"And now Lieberman is out there playing that 'toughness' card for John McCain. I just can't believe it. Back in 2006, I looked at Ned Lamont and I saw George McGovern. I looked at his supporters and I saw thousands of Abbie Hoffmans--almost like a pack of crazed, ignorant ideological cannibals. And you know what's really trippy about that? I was only eight years old in 1972. But that's the way I was taught to see liberal challengers to people like Lieberman, and that's the way all my friends in the industry were writing. There's something deeply wrong with all of us, no question. So today I say: up against the wall! If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. And I have definitely been part of the problem."

Weisberg immediately rejected his call for his resignation, however, explaining that it would only embolden America's enemies and that the next six months would be a critical time for Slate.