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Andrew Samwick Wants to Take Back His Party

From Andrew Samwick:

Whitman Republicans? | Capital Gains and Games: On Thursday, Governor Christie Todd Whitman visited campus. She may be the only unabashed Rockefeller Republican with any political prominence today.... She articulated as well as anyone I've heard recently the case for decentralized, responsible, and effective government. If she were running this year, she would have my vote.

So I started to wonder whether she might be a viable candidate.... [W]hat about 2012 against a Democratic incumbent? She seems to have recovered from her frustrating years at the EPA and has parlayed her success with It's My Party, Too into a PAC, which has now merged with the Republican Leadership Council (an odd name for a centrist organization given today's Republican leadership at the national level). She's clearly still active. Maybe the opportunity will present itself.