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A Song of Religious War, Abuse of Prisoners, Ethnic Cleansing, and Similar Light Topics

Yuppies in the Fields

We signed up for Eatwell Farm's large weekly box of (relatively) locally grown (they are in Dixon) vegetables for $24.50 a week. They tell us such things as:

The chickens have spent their spring among the citrus, leaving their valuable droppings to fertilize the trees. Now they have moved on to their summer pasture, which is two acres of alfalfa that we planted last fall. I believe that the eggs are always richest when the chickens eat alfalfa. The egg production fell for a few days after we moved them. It is back up to normal now...

They send us recipes:

They encourage us to view the farm as more than just a black box from which a weekly box appears:

If I were a better sociologist, I would have something profound to say about how the highest form of gesellschaft turns out to be where one becomes rich enough to purchase a reasonable facsimile of gemeinschaft as a luxury out of one's ample disposable income--and then one begins to view the turnips in the box not with a "Jeebus! I'm paying this for turnips?! I loath turnips!" But rather with a "Hmmm... This is a challenge..."

Italian turnip soup, if you are curious.