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Positive and Negative Liberty: Who the Friends of Liberty Are and How They Fight the Warmongering Panopticonist Theocrats

"And then... it came to me... connect plus to minus... and minus to plus..."

Jim Henley proposes a strategic alliance of all the Friends of Liberty:

A Part of the Possible: I want to make sure to point people toward Will Wilkinson’s recent essay on taking the openness of Hayek, Friedman and Buchanan toward a social safety net seriously. No time for me to say more right now - it’s past midnight and I just finished my work work for the day and I’m very very sleepy.... Franklin Harris... cuts to the nub, I think:

I really think it comes down to this: libertarians who are irreligious or generally secular in outlook would much rather argue economics with our liberal friends over drinks than get into messy arguments about morality with conservatives, especially when you’re arguing with them over drinks, because they’re angry drunks. Plus, you still end up arguing economics with conservatives because of their cognitive dissonance regarding military spending, “energy independence,” immigration, and, increasingly, trade.

I’d add untrammeled police and internal-”security” power to Franklin’s list...

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