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Adeimantos: I don't know. Back when I was a teenager, I thought that I would grow up and that in my forties I would have a house and a family and an important job and would be--well, would be kind of like Stilgar, Lord of Sietch Tabr, in Dune...

Akhilleus: And?

Adeimantos: And that's not how it worked out! People don't look at me like they would look at Stilgar at all! They look at me as if...

Akhilleus: You were Fred Flintstone?

Adeimantos: Exactly.

Akhilleus: I'm with you. I've been there. I am totally there.

Khelona. Huh. Is that better or worse than dreaming when you were a teenager that you would grow up to marry Stilgar, and finding in your forties that your husband more closely resembles...

Glaukon: Fred Flintstone?

Khelona: Exactly...

Akhilleus: I'm going to deal with this like a man. I'm going to go buy a Kindle and a 3G iPhone.

Khelona: You're not going to have your mother commission a shield from Ogoun? You prefer an iPhone?

Adeimantos: Ogoun? Who is Ogoun?

Khelona: You know, the god of fire and metalworking...

Akhilleus: You're mixing up your pantheons again. That's Yoruba-Haitian voodoo.

Khelona: Who do I mean then?

Adeimantos: Hephaestos...