Is This a Compliment?

Washington Post Death Spiral Watch

Robert Samuelson:

A Vote for McBama: [Barack Obama's] actual agenda is highly partisan and undermines many of his stated goals. He wants to stimulate economic growth, but his hostility toward trade agreements threatens export-led growth (which is now beginning). He advocates greater energy independence but pretends this can occur without more domestic drilling for oil and natural gas.... Obama's clever campaign strategy would put him in a bind as president. Championing centrism would disappoint many ardent Democrats. Pleasing them would betray his conciliating image. The fact that he has so far straddled the contradiction may confirm his political skills and the quiet aid received from the media, which helped him by virtually ignoring the blatant contradictions...

These are, as we all know, extremely weak examples of "high partisanship" and "blatant contradiction." Energy independence does not require subsidizing domestic drilling if it is a subordinate goal in the context of moving toward a less carbon-based economy. Whether we get export-led growth depends 100% on the value of the dollar and 0% on whether we conclude new trade agreements.

Samuelson knows that these are extremely weak examples of "blatant contradiction" and "high partisanship." But you try to delude your readers with the ammunition you have, not the ammunition you wish you had.

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?