Diane Rogers on Obama's Tax Policy Talking Points
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Academic Administration for Dummies

"OK. So Gerard is the new Ben. And Paul was the old new Jim. But now Paul has gone to Poughkeepsie. So who is the new Paul?"

"I don't know. I've been on vacation. I do know that Clare is the new Clare..."

"The.new Paul has not been Revealed as of yet."

"Are you the new Paul?"

"I? I could never be the new Paul. I am not fit to tie the thong of his sandle."

"I want to know when the other new Jim is showing up to play with Alan, Raj, Emmanuel, and Gene..."

Four public finance graduate students poke their heads out of their offices. "Yes, tell us!" they say. They look the least bit like characters on the Nature Channel show "Meetkat Manor"...