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Another Huge Reason John McCain Is Not Qualified to Be President

Joe Klein:

Gunslinger - Swampland - TIME: I woke up this morning and realized that the most significant aspect of the Palin pick is... the process by which she was selected. McCain really doesn't know that much about Palin, either. He met her once in February. He interviewed her as part of the vetting process... and that's it. He never worked with her.... All this raises again--yet again--the question of whether McCain is temperamentally suited for the presidency.... [T]he Palin pick reflects the most dangerous tendencies in McCain's foriegn policy--the tendency to react, to overreact, to crises, without thinking it through. It also reflects a defiant, adolescent "screw you" attitude toward governance....

[T]his is not to disparage Palin. Her views seem very extreme to me.... [But t]he problem is there is absolutely no way on earth that John McCain can know what sort of person she really is, which is why this choice--his first major presidential decision--should be a matter of real concern for all Americans. He has proven himself, yet again, ready on day one--to shoot from the hip.