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These Are the Tomatoes We Have Been Waiting For!

Ask the Internet: Cookies

  • How much more of the reading would my students in American Economic History do this semester if I hypnotized them into believing that we are in some sort of gift exchange relationship by feeding them cookies--specifically Berkeley-themed cookies (i.e., Cal, Oski, the campanile, Birgeneau) from Parker's Crazy Cookies?
  • How many cookies would I have to feed each student in order to accomplish the desired effect (the cookies are small)?
  • At what price point is this worth doing (Parker's list price is $0.50 a cookie, and wish me good luck in finding any place in the teaching budget to reimburse me for this)?

A commenter emails:

  1. Muffins or donut holes are extremely effective at increasing attendance, alertness and participation in early morning sections
  2. Cookies do NOT increase reading. There's a high depreciation rate to glucose-based gift relationships - it works for the duration of the class in which the cookies are given, but does not influence out of class behavior.
  3. Cookies baked by a faculty member's wife (and distributed as such) are NEVER EVER EVER okay.
  4. Bringing cookies to classes with particularly tedious math is not recommended; by mid semester the students began greeting the cookies with apprehension...