Josh Micah Marshall on Palin and Troopergate
The Word from Alaska on Sarah Palin

Battered and Abused Republicans Watch

Four years ago the chatter among Republicans was that George W. Bush was unqualified to be head of government, but that he knew that, and understood his role, and would let the professionals run the government while he did what he knew he could do well: be head of state--look at the excellent job he had done as frontman and greeter for the Texas Rangers, after he found his feet and found a job he could do.

Today the chatter among Republicans is somewhat different:

  • Yes, John McCain's choice of Palin would be criminally negligent if there were actually a chance that she would become president in the next four years--but there is a plan in place by which she would be replaced with someone with foreign policy experience should anything happen to McCain in his first term.
  • Maybe after four years of intensive education she will know enough about foreign affairs to make her a credible possibility for president.
  • McCain is not so incompetent and careless as to have chosen Palin if there actually were something seriously away in her firing of Alaska Public Safety head Moneghan. Moneghan must have done something really bad--not just refused to help Palin take revenge on her ex-brother-in-law. So it's a trap: when the real reason Palin fired Moneghan comes out the Democrats will be sorry.

These seem to me to be... fantasy scenarios. They indicate that the best thing for all concerned is simply to shut the Republican Party down today.