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Belle Waring on the Federalist Society

May I say that I am glad I don't spend my life reading things like the things Belle Waring reads?

Here she is:

John & Belle Have A Blog: Gay Marriage: Still a Good Idea: The Federalist Society has sponsored an on-line debate between proponents and opponents of gay marriage, in which the...ah, how shall I put failure of the opponents to muster any good arguments at all is the most salient point.

N>othing new here, of course. By the way, you may all be amused to know that I was contacted by an earnest Brigham Young student who wanted to use my bizzaro-world arguments in a debate. I explained that I didn't agree with them at all but he was nonetheless welcome to them. So, I did my part to advance the cause of evil in this world. Well, look, it was a teeny, tiny part of evil, and he seemed so clean-cut and articulate!

I would tell you to read the whole debate, but it's really long. I'll summarize:

Dale Carpenter and Andy Koppelman: How about some compelling arguments of all sorts. Utilitarian! Based on innate human dignity! Taking into account existing gay families with children! We got'em all!

Robert Nagel: Let's face it, if we let gay people get married we'll have to act like there's nothing wrong with being gay.

Amy Wax: Anti-monogamy gay men will form marriage sleeper-cells which will detonate into wanton heterosexual promiscuity! And it's not as good for children to grow up in households where they aren't biologically related to both parents.

D.C. and A.K. What? What does that have to do with anything?

Robert Nagel: The fact that gay-marriage proponents have absolutely all the good arguments on their side is...suspicious. Plus, in this new dystopic gay-married future, we no longer be permitted to sing songs with heterosexual themes![1]


[1]You don't believe me, do you? Nagel: "I fear that the drive for gay marriage will end in frustration and in a sustained effort to obliterate from our schools and libraries and conversations and songs the rich heritage associated with traditional marriage."