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Course Cast Information: Econ 113

In today's mail:

Course Cast Information: webcast.berkeley presents online video podcasts and/or audio podcasts of UC Berkeley courses for on-demand remote viewing. (Video podcasts are similar to what the program previously referred to as “webcasts”: video and audio of the lecture are presented.)

webcast.berkeley is a service of Educational Technology Services (ETS). ETS is responsible for the entire audio/video production including class recording, digitizing, website publishing, and hosting. The entire process is handled automatically, from recording through publishing on the website. All you have to do is turn on your microphone.


The primary benefit of coursecasting is the flexibility it allows students and colleagues to view and review a given class or seminar. Whether they missed the class, need to study during midterms and finals, or want to share the material with others, video and audio content are available for viewing from anywhere at anytime.

Costs Involved. Video Podcast - $2,000. Video Podcasting automatically delivers MP4 video and audio to webcast.berkeley, iTunesU and YouTube. This option is available only in selected classrooms. The videotaping portion of the webcasts costs $2000 for one course for one semester. That fee pays for most of the labor and equipment involved.

An Instructional minigrant may be available to help offset costs. The first step toward this approach is to include a support letter from your department chair. Feel free to contact Stephen Tollefson ( or 642-1811 for grants assistance. If funding for webcasting is simply impossible please let us know, we may be able to find a solution.

Audio Only Podcast - Free

Audio Podcasting automatically delivers MP3 audio recordings of classroom lectures to students computers or portable MP3 players via webcast.berkeley and iTunesU. Please note that despite the name “podcast” an iPod is not required. There is no charge for audio podcasting since there are no fees typically involved with video capture. Our intent is to allow more instructors to take advantage of classroom recording and delivery services. If you plan to video podcast, there is no additional charge to also audio podcast.

Accessing Lectures

Lecture archives will be available to students and a worldwide audience as free and open access from the webcast.berkeley website. Some video podcast courses are also available through YouTube. Podcasts will also be promoted through popular podcast aggregators such as the iTunes Music Store. Video podcasts and audio podcasts can also easily be made available through your bSpace course website.

There are several ways that students can receive the lecture recordings:

  • Online access: Students can browse the online course archives and view or listen to lectures  on-demand.
  • Downloads: Students can browse the online course archives and download specific lectures. These lectures can be played on the computer, and audio podcasts can be loaded to a handheld MP3 player for listening on-the-go. Some users may be able to load video podcasts on their handheld player, as well.
  • Subscription: Students can subscribe to a course podcast, so that they automatically receive the lectures as they become available.


Faculty teaching in a video and/or audio enabled room will be invited to participate in the webcast.berkeley program through email. Faculty can approve their participation in the program by clicking through to their bSpace account (no prior bSpace use required), where they can agree to the terms of the program. (Faculty in video-enabled rooms will also need to indicate whether they want both video and audio, or only audio.) Faculty will need to approve their participation within one week before the beginning of the semester to insure staff scheduling to video capture for the first week of classes — even if there has been participation in the past.

Archive Policy

Video and audio archives are available online for at least one year, though we are working to extend this period. Podcast MP3s are much smaller, therefore there is no shelf life at this time...