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links for 2008-08-16

The Future Is Now!

Courtesdy of PNH:

TopatoCo: Futurism Print

TopatoCo: Futurism Print: The future is now! The people of the past were a little off in the picture they painted of it, though they can be excused for being simpler people in a simpler time. We're pretty close though! Instead of flying cars we have $3 ring tones. Instead of jet packs we have a closed-circuit cameras at intersections. Instead of moon bases we have a machine on which watch teenagers talk about their problems in a language they invented, 24 hours a day! And instead of a cure for all diseases, we have cars that have neon lights attached to the undercarriage. Marvelous.

This loverly print is 18" x 24" on 10pt cover stock and ships in a sturdy tube. It was conceived by David Malki! and designed and painted by the talented Carly Monardo, whose work you can also see on Dr. McNinja Books and Posters! Carly gets 50% of the proceeds from this print because she is pretty amazing.