This Doesn't Look Good at All
Republican Alaska State Senator and Senate President Lyda Green on Sarah Palin

This Is a Defense of John McCain's Choice of Sarah Palin?

All I can say is that Noah Millman has been into the 'shrooms again:

RU Experienced?: [Sarah Palin is] totally unqualified to be President at this point in time. If McCain were to die in February 2009, I hope Palin would have the good sense to appoint someone who is more ready to be President to be her Vice President... [and then] then resign.... Palin is absolutely not ready to be President now, but that is a problem that is very easily dealt with if she is and the governing party want to do so. And if McCain dies in February, 2012, who’s to say she won’t be ready by then? She’ll have had three years of being Vice President under her belt. She’ll have been a close observer of national governance and will be pretty familiar with the issues of the day....

Bottom line: the Presidency is no place for on-the-job training. But the Vice Presidency certainly can be.

She’s an excellent choice. If McCain wins, he’ll have a whole cabinet of officials to help him run the government and advise him on vital decisions. That’s not what he’ll be using Palin for.... [T]his is a good pick.