Richard Green Smacks Down the John McCain-George Bush Claim That Big Government--Fannie and Freddie Got Us into This Mess
Republican Talking Point Smackdown

A Bad Move from the New York Times...

It adds a senior fellow from the NCPA to its list of economics bloggers:

Welcoming Another Economist to Economix: CATHERINE RAMPELL: You’ll see a post here from Bob McTeer, who is on our panel of daily economists. Mr. McTeer is currently a distinguished fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis...

NCPA is the Hack Tank that fired Bruce Bartlett for writing what he thought about George W. Bush.

Bob McTeer should get a different institutional home--he deserves a better.

And the New York Times should be aware that its only long-run value is as a trusted intermediary, and that association with Hack Tanks destroys its only possible long-term source of value.

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?