McCain Says Bush Has Tortured Prisoners
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Even Kissinger Backs Obama Against McCain

Even Henry Kissinger backs Obama against McCain:

Political Radar: Kissinger Backs Direct Talks 'Without Conditions' with Iran: ABC News' Rachel Martin Reports: Former U.S.Secretary of State Henry Kissinger today told an audience in Washington, DC that the U.S. should negotiate with Iran "without conditions" and that the next President should begin such negotiations at a high level. The former Nixon and Ford U.S. Secretary of State early in the year indicated his belief that the U.S. should hold direct talks with Iran when speaking to Bloomberg Television.

Kissinger spoke at a CNN sponsored forum at George Washington University along with other former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright, James Baker III, Warren Christopher and Colin Powell. The leaders were asked to pinpoint the major challenges the next president will face around the world and to offer advice about how to handle those critical issues. The secretaries named the fight against terrorism, restoring America's reputation abroad , re-building the country's economic power, and global climate change as a top priority.

When asked what specifically should be done to repair America's reputation and standing in the world, Powell, Baker and Albright all immediately said "close Guantanamo," referring to the U.S. detention facility. Powell added, "and I think that's something we all agree on"...