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John McCain Is Dishonest, Dishonorable, and Incompetent

The "Paulson Plan" is two pages long. It was issued on Saturday. As of late Tuesday, McCain had neither read it nor been briefed on what was in those two pages.

In my email this morning:

John McCain on Tuesday, Sept. 23rd in Cleveland Ohio says he hasn't read the Paulson plan NBC Cleveland OH, 09/23/08:

ANCHOR: As for the massive Wall Street bailout McCain insists it have...

JSM: Oversight that is effective and transparent. We need people like Warren Buffet and Mike Bloomberg and Mitt Romney to have an oversight of this. We can't put that responsibility in the hands of one person.

ANCHOR: The crunch question. Would you vote for it as it's presently constructed?

JSM: I have not had a chance to see it in writing so I have to examine that...

UPDATE: Michael Tomasky smacks me down, says it is perfectly understandable:

I mean, it was three pages after all. He is just waiting for the large-print version.