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Talking Points Memo reader UB leads Josh Marshall to this:

3eDC - Connect & Affect

This is the website of 3eDC--a "web development company to which the McCain campaign has paid $1,000,000, a web development company part (mostly? fully?) owned by McCain campaign manager Rick Davis, a web development company whose address is the same building as Davis's firm Davis-Manafort.

If this is the quality of work 3eDC does for its own website, what are the chances that it is adding any value to the McCain campaign? If it weren't a fraud--if it were a real web development company--it would have a more impressive website, no?

People: I want probability estimates: what are the odds that 3eDC is nothing but a way for McCain campaign manager Rick Davis and his partners to steal $1,000,000 from the contributors to John McCain for president?