John McCain Is Simply Not Qualified
Perhaps the Skimpiest Proposal for the Most Extensive Grant of Authority I Have Ever Seen

John McCain Says American Couch Potatoes Eat at McDonalds Because of... Political Correctness?

Wow. He really is the stupidest man alive: The final important principle of reform is to rediscover our sense of personal responsibility to take better care of ourselves and our children.... Parents who don’t impart to their children a sense of personal responsibility for their health, nutrition, and exercise--vital quality-of-life information that political correctness has expelled from our schools--have failed their responsibility. Also, parents have to share in the responsibility to ensure that their children are covered by health insurance if, as is often the case, options are already available to them.... The “solution,” my friends... resides... with well-informed American families making practical decisions to address their imperatives for better health and more secure prosperity.... [W]e have always trusted in ourselves to meet any challenge that required only our ingenuity and industry to surmount. Any “solution” that robs us of that essential sense of ourselves is a cure far worse than the affliction it is meant to treat.

If I were a yellow-dog Republican this would make me an Obama supporter. There are some things just too stupid to be borne.