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More Fauna!

There have been sightings two miles away. We have a spring--which means we have lots of grubs:

PipelineNews: Domestic hogs [sus scrofa] were introduced at the beginning of the 18th century by Spanish and Russian émigrés to the area, naturally, some of these escaped and made their way back into the wilds, where they thrived. In the early 20th century the European wild boar was brought to the area around Monterey which resulted in a substantial feral population in that vicinity. This hybrid hog which is... different in appearance than the commercial hog; they are generally leaner, have longer more pointed snouts and a longer, bristly coat. Their ears are somewhat smaller than the domesticated variety and can have formidable tusks, sometimes over 3 in length.

Our feral hogs are smart, have an acute sense of smell and do well in the state's coastal counties which feature rolling oak-studded hilly woodlands, lush grasslands and farms. Because of their ability to adapt, large litters and few natural predators they have become a nuisance even in some very upscale residential areas such as Blackhawk.... In these locales front lawns and expensive landscaping plants are rooted up by pigs searching for grubs...