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Paul Krugman Violates Every Safe Driving Law of New Jersey at Once...

And writes:

Dodd - Paul Krugman: Dodd: Very preliminary, no details — but this sounds like a big step in the right direction.... Very serious stuff — and a major challenge to Paulson’s approach. Treasury should now be required to explain why this isn’t a much, much better way to do this rescue. More when I’m not in a car, almost unable to read my screen.

Maybe Paul has Ascended to the state where "in a car" doesn't mean "driving a car." I've only read through half of the proposed Dodd bill, but I concur: Dodd looks like a plan I can get behind--a serious attempt to solve the problem, preserve accountability, and balance the equities. Too bad he isn't the VP nominee.

Dawn Kopecki and James Rowley of Bloomberg have read the whole thing, and do a good job of summarizing it: