McCain vs. Obama on Financial Regulation
Felix Salmon FEELS the Fear, Sweats Openly, Swallows Hard, and Stammers...

Shame on Marty Feldstein. Shame on John Taylor

May I say that this is embarrassing? Really embarrassing:

John McCain Has a Tax Plan To Create Jobs - [B]y maintaining strong control over the growth of government spending, Mr. McCain will bring the budget into balance. His long record of fighting against excessive government spending, his plans to veto earmarks and reverse the spending binge of the past few years, and his strong commitment to balancing the budget...

Their willingness to roll over and tell spinmaster-generated lies is the principal reason why their successors as Republican economic policymakers will be scorned and ignored whenever the Republicans hold power--just as their predecessors' willigness to roll over and tell lies is the principal reason why they were scorned and ignored when they served in government.