House to Wall Street: Drop Dead
Obama Takes the Gloves Off

Why the House Republicans Voted Against the Paulson Plan

Let us turn the microphone over to Tim Echols, Treasurer for Paul Broun, R-GA:

FYI, all the Georgia Republicans voted against the bail-out.

As FRC said today, the current proposal fell short of upholding conservative ideals. The Congressional conservatives played an important role in keeping out the already-borderline socialistic White House proposal and some Hugo Chavezesque suggestions from the Democrats, such as allowing judges to set mortgage rates and creating a slush fund for liberal groups like ACORN. However, the final plan did not reform what has created the problem nor did it adequately explain how the taxpayers get their money back. Moreover, the bailout seemed to create a new entitlement in a federal insurance system for every home loan in America.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) also highlighted changing the proposal's original scope to include a federal bailout of failed city governments, making all U.S. taxpayers responsible for disastrous city councils. Responsibility is a lost word for many nowadays. Maybe the House vote signals more effort to restore that responsibility.

Tim Echols

As I said, raze the Republican Party to the ground. Plough it under. Scatter salt in the furrows so it can never grow back.

We need another, very different opposition party to face the Democrats. We need it now.