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Economists Advise the Great and Good Meeting in Washington

Just in time for the IMF/World Bank meetings: a small book produced in less than 24 hours:

Barry Eichengreen and Richard Baldwin, eds.: Rescuing our jobs and savings: What G7/8 leaders can do to solve the global credit crisis: Without rapid and coordinated action by G7/8 leaders, this financial crisis could turn into a jobs crisis, a pension crisis and much more. This column introduces a collection of essays by leading economists on what the G7/8 leaders should do this weekend. The dozen essays present a remarkable consensus on a few points: we need immediate, coordinated global action that includes recapitalisation of the banks.

Barry Eichengreen and Richard Baldwin, eds. (2008), Rescuing Our Jobs And Savings: What G7/8 Leaders Can Do To Solve The Global Credit Crisis (London: CEPR: VoxEU):

J. Bradford DeLong (2008), "The Wrong Financial Crisis," VoxEU (October 9, 2008):