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Jonathan Chait Single-Handedly Redeems the New Republic

Gee. Ya Think?

Marc Ambinder has what he calls a "tangential thought": John McCain's enthusiastic campaign to keep banking regulators off the back of his corrupt friend Charlie Keating "fits better with the political environment" because it "was a banking and financial scandal."

Gee. Ya think?

If this is a "tangential thought," what would a central thought be?

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?

Keating Five Was A Banking Scandal: So trying not to give the Obama campaign free publicity by linking to their documentary about Charles Keating, but GBAs are the news of the day, and you can't ignore it. So -- here it is, just posted online. One tangential thought: the Keating Five was a banking and financial scandal.  So it fits better with the political environment than sudden attempts to re-raise Obama's associations with Ayers and Wright.