October Surprise!
Will Wilkinson Resists His Telos!

John McCain: Dishonest, Dishonorable, Ignorant, and Incompetent (Two Worst Adds Ever Edition)

Aimai is a much braver woman with a much stronger stomach than I am.


If I Ran the Zoo: Neck and Neck: This has to be neck and neck for the worst two commercials of McCain's campaign. This one isn't definitively anti-Obama at all, since the "Senator" to whom the protagonist speaks isn't named and the act of which he speaks isn't exactly clear.

And as for this one? I dare you to watch it without falling into an epileptic fit, rolling around on the floor with your head and your heels touching like a hoop, and having the family shut off the TV to rush you to the hospital.

Let me give you all fair warning: the act of voting for John McCain debars you from polite society for the rest of your natural life. Just saying.