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John McCain: Dishonest and Dishonorable

Steve Benen:

The Washington Monthly: McCain, most notably during the Republican primaries, announced his opposition to lots of his own bills. Yesterday, as Ron Chusid noted, McCain was on CNN and took this to the next level, announcing that he would have vetoed the same spending bills he'd voted to support.

BLITZER: Where would you, as president, draw the line between vetoing that kind of spending bill or accepting it because of the greater good that it also includes, as you decided in the bailout?

MCCAIN: I would have vetoed literally every spending bill, even those that I had voted for, if I were president of the United States.

Chusid noted, "This is even more ridiculous than John Kerry's quote on voting for an appropriation before he voted against it. In Kerry's case he was talking about two different bills.... McCain is talking about vetoing bills he actually voted for. He did have the opportunity to vote against them." I'm trying to wrap my head around McCain's argument -- the spending bills were bad, Bush should have vetoed them, so McCain voted for them.