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Paul Krugman Nobel Prize Unbalanced Wingnut Reaction Watch

James Carville once said: "It is considered the appropriate thing to say at a [Washington] dinner party that, while Krugman is very bright, he's just too relentless on Bush, because to accept Krugman's facts as right makes the Washington press look like idiots..."

Henry Farrell wrote:

The Name of This Band is Exploding Heads: As Kieran notes in comments below, the comments thread to Tyler Cowen’s (perfectly reasonable) Krugman post is pretty hilarious. But given Krugman’s place of pride in the wingnut demonology, I’m sure that this is only a mere scraping of what’s out there on the Internets today. It furthermore occurs to me that someone (i.e. Me) should do a comments thread to collate and conserve the very bestest blogposts and comments on the Vast Nobel Prize Conspiracy.... Update: Kathy G. had this idea before I did...

And Henry carried through magnificently.

But there is another question. What do the "Old Contemptibles" have to say about the Vast Nobel Prize Conspiracy that awarded the Nobel Memorial Economics Prize to Paul Krugman? I have a list of the people who have authored ten most unbalanced wingnutty attacks on Krugman:

Gene Epstein
Jonah Goldberg
Kevin Hassett
Mickey Kaus
Daniel Klein
Donald Luskin
Danny Okrent
Ramesh Ponnuru
Ben Stein
Andrew Sullivan

What have their reactions been to Krugman's Nobel Prize? I have seen Luskin and Klein. I haven't seen anything by any of the others--which is somewhat odd given Krugman's place in their respective personal demonologies...