Ph'nglui Mglw'nafh Cosma Shalizi R'lyeh Wgah'nagl Fhtagn!
This, My Friends, Is a Presidential Candidate We Can Believe in!

Run Like the Wind, Mr. Skittles! (Aaron Swartz Gives the Play-by-Play)


Invasion of the Obama Snatchers: Writing from their negro-proof panic room (which doubles as the laundry room when their wives send him out to get milk) sweaty, disheveled, and quite possibly drunk wingnuts type out warnings, insert them into a hamster ball with Mr. Skittles the Wonder Hamster and then lob it through a cracked door in the hopes that, God willing, it is not too late to save America.

Run like the wind, Mr. Skittles!
Godspeed and good luck:

Aaron Swartz

Raw Thought: Aaron Swartz's weblog: Blame the Terrorist Black Muslims: As John McCain sinks in the polls, it's been amazing to watch one of America's two major parties adopt wholesale an insane racist conspiracy theory and to watch the mainstream media lap it up. Back when Republicans were insisting that the Clintons ran an underground drug-smuggling ring and murdering their political opponents, you at least had to send away for the video. Now it's broadcast 24-hours-a-day on CNN and Fox. The claims, outlined in this seizure-inducing Web ad (since deleted from McCain's site), are basically that Barack Obama, left-wing terrorists, and inner-city blacks have teamed up to cause the mortgage meltdown and commit voter fraud to ensure Obama wins the election. Yes, in an era when huge banks are failing left and right and the Republican is down 14 points in the polls, Republicans are convinced that poor African-Americans must be responsible. If only!

It's all blatant lies, of course... setting the stage for more repression and violence against powerless blacks. And ACORN, one of the few organizations that actually helps these communities, is just being shredded by the media because of these false allegations. Of course, it's also a cover for ongoing attempts at voter intimidation and other sleazy tactics to steal the election...