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The Financial Times is the best newspaper in the world--but once every three months its "How to Spend It" supplement turns me, for a week, into someone who believes that a just social order would have everybody paid identical hourly wages and dressed identically--preferably in overalls--with kerchiefs over their hair:

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Alex Bertram of ING Capital appears to share my view: / Comment & analysis / Letters - You have disrupted the cosmic order: Mr Alex Bertram: Sir, Ken Lotery questions your editorial judgment (Letters, November 8/9). I go one step further. I place the Financial Times wholly responsible for the entire global financial and economic meltdown... you published a magazine called How to Spend It. Such reckless adulation of consumption was bound to disrupt the cosmic order. Long after its passing, we will remember it as fondly as such folly as "Reinvention of risk management", "Decoupling", and "The end of the business cycle".

Thank you FT, you went and jinxed it for all of us.

Alex Bertram,
Vice-President Infrastructure Advisory,
ING Capital.