Ben Stein Has Driven Felix Salmon to a Higher State of Shrillness
Christie Romer to CEA?

Things Worth Reading in the Past Week

In Economics:

Matthew Yglesias: Markets, Property Rights, and Air Pollution
Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff: Regulation should be international
Menzie Chinn The Progress of the Financial Crisis in One Picture: Mortgages, Flight to Safety, Credit Lock
Dilip Abreu and Markus Brunnermeier: Bubbles and Crashes
John Cochrane: The Dog That Did Not Bark: A Defense of Return Predictability
Matthew Yglesias: Private Jets
Matthew Yglesias: Long and Deep
Justin Fox: The bankruptcy-by-some-other-name solution at GM «
Matthew Yglesias: The Driver’s Case for Congestion Pricing
Andrew Ross Sorkin: A Bridge Loan? U.S. Should Guide G.M. in a Chapter 11 -
Ken Houghton Sends Us to Joe Wilcox: Intel-Microsoft Vistagate, Part 3
Paul Krugman: Macro policy in a liquidity trap
Bruce Bartlett: What's the most important first step Republicans should take on the road to recovery?
Felix Salmon: Stocks: Recession Bites
Krishna Guha: US drops plan to buy toxic assets
Justin Fox: Do GM’s Arguments Against Bankruptcy Hold Water?
Justin Fox: The Government’s AIG Dilemma
Paul Krugman: Stimulus Math
Martin Wolf: Obama’s economic challenges
John Quiggin: Assessing Financial Model Builders
Henry Blodget: New York Times (NYT) Running On Fumes
John Maynard Keynes to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, December 1933
Paul Krugman: Rooseveltonomics
Jon Kocjan: Quickly Building "Industrial Strength" Homeowner Relief
Ben Bernanke: Asset-price "bubbles" and monetary policy

In Politics:

Stan Collender: Quick Question: Big 3 Auto Companies
Thoreau: Different poxes on different houses
The Economist: The Republican Party: Ship of Fools
Matthew Yglesias: Private Jets
Matthew Yglesias: Long and Deep
Michael Bérubé on the Weathermen
Jon Hilsenrath: Banks Keep Lending, but That Isn't Easing the Crisis
Justin Fox: Phil Gramm's mea non culpa
Digby: Washington Post Crashed-and-Burned Watch (Chris Cilizza Edition)
White Vote Share for McCain
Jonathan Freedland: An English Lesson
Frank Schaeffer: Sarah Palin Will Never Be President -- Trust Me
Stanley Greenberg: Goodbye, Reagan Democrats
Eric Martin: Project for the Next American Catastrophe
David Kurtz: TPMtv: The Prodigal Senator
Adam Nossiter: For South, a Waning Hold on Politics
Duncan Black: How Many Seats?
Mark Schmitt: Grading the Election Theories
Matthew Yglesias on Joe the Plumber
Who Is IOZ?: My Heart Knows What the Wild Goose Knows
Paul Krugman: The monster years
Steve Benen: What Lieberman Finds "Unacceptable"
Dana Goldstein: The Identity Politics Election
Matthew Yglesias: Good Riddance