Houston (and Atlanta, and Birmingham, and Little Rock), We Have a Problem

"Third Ways" in Theory and Practice

Last week's reading:

John Maynard Keynes (1932), Essays in Persuasion (London: Macmillan).

This week's reading:

Wladimir S. Woytinsky (1961)Stormy Passage: A Personal History Trhough Two Russian Revoutions to Democracy and Freedom, 1905-1960/a> (New York: Vanguard Press).

Next week's reading:

Edmund Wilson (1940), *To the Finland Station: A Study in the Writing and Acting of History (New York: New York Review of Books).

Earlier readings:

Donald Sassoon (), One Hundred Years of Socialism
Janos Kornai (), Economics of Shortage
Milovan Djilas (), The New Class
Sheri Berman (), The Primacy of Politics
John Maynard Keynes (), Economic Consequences of the Peace
John Maynard Keynes (), A Tract on Monetary Reform
Kevin Lansing (2008), "Exploring the Causes of the Great Inflation," FRB San Francisco Economic Letters
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Steven Braun (1984), "Productivity and the NIIRU (and Other Phillips Curve Issues)" (Washington: Federal Reserve Working Paper 34).
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