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What a Change! "The Week" Gives Airtime to an Expert

It is remarkable. In addition to their substance-free bloviators--George Will, Cokie Roberts, et cetera--The Week puts Paul Krugman on the air. And people watching can actually learn something:

Steve Benen comments:

The Washington Monthly: On ABC's "This Week" earlier, George Will explained his belief that FDR financial/regulatory policies discouraged investment and created an environment in which the "depression became the Great Depression." Fortunately, Will was sitting next to Paul Krugman. To hear Will tell it, the Roosevelt administration stood in the way of investors. In a fairly devastating 45 seconds, Krugman not only set the record straight, but explained that it was FDR's desire to balance the budget and cut federal spending that contributed to a decline in 1937.

My antipathy towards Will has lessened this year, after he had some genuinely sharp criticism of the McCain/Palin ticket, but he's still spouting conservative nonsense on economic issues, and it was highly entertaining to see him receive some well-earned comeuppance from the Nobel laureate to his left.

Thanks to our friends at Firedoglake for posting the clip to YouTube.