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Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? (Another Pro-Publica Edition)

Dick Tofel of ProPublica tries to have his cake and eat it too.

On the one hand, Dick Tofell says that Felix Salmon isn't allowed to talk to ProPublica's reporters:

Nieman Journalism Lab: Tofel... “I said to [Salmon] that we believe our reporter’s time is better devoted to additional reporting on the subject than to debating. That’s a resource decision we have to make. You may think that’s wrong, you may think that’s antiquated, but that’s the decision we make.”

On the other hand, Joshua Benton isn't allowed to criticize ProPublica because Benton has not talked to ProPublica's reporters:

Joshua Benton: Tofel... said he wished I would have called him or ProPublica before writing my post. He said I had a “’shoot first and ask questions later’ approach, which I know is becoming more common” online. “Why wouldn’t you want to be better informed before you publish?” he asked me...

Remarkable: "we won't talk to you because our work stands by itself and you can't criticize our work because you haven't talked to us."