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Hedge Fund-of-Fund Returns

Fall 2008 American Economic History Podcasts

Economics 113: American Economic History

http://tinyurl.com/43sufu; http://delong.typepad.com/american_economic_history/2008/08/economics-113-s.html

J. Bradford DeLong [email protected] Evans 601: Lecture: 4 LeConte; MW 4-5:30

Andrej Milivojevic [email protected]: Sections: T4-5 87 Dwinelle, W8-9 61 Evans
Marc Gersen [email protected]: Sections: F2-3 55 Evans, F3-4 55 Evans
Matthew Sargent [email protected]: Sections: M9-10 85 Evans, Th1-2 45 Evans

W Aug 27: OVERVIEW: Lecture Notes: Administration and Overview; Why Are We Here? On the Lecture and the University; Lecture Audio: http://www.j-bradford-delong.net/2008_mov/20080827.mp3

W Sep 3: Amerindians, Conquistadores, Explorers, Settlers, and Empires: Lecture Notes: 10000 BC to 1800; Pre-Industrial Growth Accounting; Lecture Audio: http://www.j-bradford-delong.net/2008_mov/20080903.mp3

M Sep 8: Colonists, 1600-1776: Lecture Notes: "Growth Accounting, Natural Resources, and Pre-Civil War America"; Notes for September 8; Lecture Audio: http://www.j-bradford-delong.net/2008_mov/20080908.m4a

W Sep 10: Westward, Ho!: Lecture Notes: Notes for September 10; Audio

M Sep 15: Slavery and Its Legacy, 1600-1929: Lecture Notes: http://delong.typepad.com/american_economic_history/2008/09/20080915-econ-1.html Audio

W Sep 17: Government, 1600-1870: Audio

M Sep 29: Financial Crisis Teach in Audio

W Oct 1: Technologies, Factories, and Trade, 1870-1929: * Lecture Notes: Growth Accounting, 1865-1929: The Great Traverse Audio

M Oct 6: Workers, Unions, and Government, 1870-1929: Audio

W Oct 8: Depressions and Panics, 1840-1933: Lecture Notes: The Coming of the Great Depression Audio: The Coming of the Great Depression

M Oct 13: Great Depression, continued: Lecture Notes: The Great Depression Audio

W Oct 15: The New Deal, 1933-1941: Lecture Notes: 20081013 Great Depression; Audio

M Oct 20: The New Deal, Continued: Lecture Notes: The Gold Standard in the Twentieth Century Audio

W Oct 22: World War II and Cold War, 1941-1956: Lecture Notes: The Global Economy; Audio

M Oct 27: Mass Production, 1910-1980: Lecture Notes: ; Audio

W Oct 29: Workers, Unions, and Wage Compression, 1929-1975: Lecture Notes: American Income Inequality; Audio

M Nov 3: Focus on Women, 1870-present:

W Nov 5: Focus on African-Americans, 1900-present: Lecture Notes: Audio

M Nov 17: Focus on Immigrants, 1870-present: Lecture Notes: Immigration Audio

W Nov 19: Stabilization, Full Employment, and Inflation, 1950-present: Lecture Notes: Stabilization Policy: http://tinyurl.com/dl20081119 Audio

M Nov 24: Comparisons: Looking East and Looking South: Why Has There Been so Little Social Democracy in the United States? Why Has America Been so Successful?: Lecture Notes: Audio

M Dec 1: The End of the American Dream? The Productivity Slowdown, the Inflation of the 1970s, and the Great Widening: Lecture Notes: The Inflation of the 1970s

W Dec 3: The Productivity Speedup of the 1990s: Lecture Notes: Audio

M Dec 8: The Crisis of Social Insurance: Pensions and Doctors

M Dec 15: Resources, Suburbs, Global Warming: Limits? Final Review: Review Lecture: Evans 10 Monday December 15 4-6 PM