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Things to Read by Keynes

Tyler Cowen writes:

Marginal Revolution: New MR book club - Keynes's General Theory: I will go through the book [Keynes's General Theory], chapter by chapter, with an eye toward a deeper understanding of what Keynes wrote and why it is, as Greg says, so important.  I'm not yet sure what kind of pace I can maintain but order your copy here, now.  The Kindle version is only $3.96.  We'll do chapters 1 and 2 by next Monday, eight days from now.

The version of the General Theory is free:

I am of a different view than Tyler. I think that the most important things by Keynes to read do not include the General Theory. My list of General Theory-length reading from Keynes is this:

and I am tremendously annoyed at the absence of etext versions of the Tract on Monetary Reform and Essays in Persuasion.

Special bonus: