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Memo to Self: People Whom the New York Times Should Have Given Kristol's Op-Ed Slot in the First Place

An Era of Phoning in Misinformation Comes to an End...

Danny Shea writes:

Bill Kristol's New York Times Column Ends: The speculation as to whether Bill Kristol will continue his career as a New York Times columnist can end. Buried at the end of his column Monday is this announcement:

This is William Kristol's last column.

But where is the public apology? Where are the editorial resignations? Where is the ombudsman's review of how the horrible decision to hire him was made? Where is the three-page spread correcting all the misrepresentations he has made over the past year? Where is the pledge that in the future the New York Times will warrant that it will only publish those who are trying to inform rather than mislead its readership?