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Bishop Williamson's View: A Sound of Music Is too Pro-Liberty and too Anti-Nazi

Yep. Here he is:

Society Saint Pius X - Bishop Williamson's Letters: Firstly, Julie Andrews is nice (of course), but she is too high-spirited to be a nun.... [O]nce inside the door she gives a dazzling demonstration of the superiority of liberty and equality over stuffy old Austrian ways! Immediately undermining - in front of the children - the Captain's tyrannical discipline over them, she proceeds to win their hearts (of course) by a combination of being their friend, taking their side, making them sing and have fun, all this without a trace of motherliness and all the time looking as cute as a kitten. She even looks cute when she prays, in fact who would not pray when it makes you look so specially cute?.... But enter now the villains!... villain of villains, a - a - a NAZI! (Original sin? - never heard of it! Isn't all sin Nazi sin?)...

No, this is not from The Onion...