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Bob Woodward's Oeuvre

Philoctetes: Are any of Bob Woodward's books worthwhile?

Thrasymakhos: Oh, they are all worthwhile. But in every case the cover page is wrong. Maestro, for example, says in its cover page that it is by Bob Woodward. Actually it is by Alan Greenspan, as told to Bob Woodward. The Agenda is by Paul Begala, as told to Bob Woodward. Plan of Attack is by Donald Rumsfeld, as told to Bob Woodward. All the President's Men and the Watergate stories are by Mark Felt, as told to Bob Woodward. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Philoctetes: But this makes the books useless!

Thrasymakhos: No, it makes them useful--as long as you know who the real author of each one is.