Department of "Huh?"
The Bush Administration: Worse than Even I Could Imagine

Department of "Huh?"

Ezra Klein writes:

EzraKlein Archive | The American Prospect: ASSIGNMENT DESK: A 1994 READING LIST. David asks:

I've been wondering this for a while. Have you read David Broder's book on the Clinton Healthcare plan and is it any good? My (well-founded) prejudice would be to dismiss it as Broderish nonsense, probably containing an analysis to focused on people and their character and not enough about institutions etc. But I figured you would be well-placed to judge its merit if you have read the book.

There is some Broderish evenhandedness in there. Most of the book follows the path of the Clinton health reforms, and their failure. The end of the book follows Newt Gingrich's attempts to cut Medicare, and their failure. These two things are presented as much the same thing: Health care policies failing. It's sort of weird. That said, the book is quite good, it's just not complete.... [A]nalytically, it falls down. It's not good on policy or theory. It doesn't make judgments, or leave you with a sharp grasp of the ideas at the core of the process...

I do not think that word--"good"--means what Ezra thinks it means.