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People of Ohio! Please Don't Elect Rob Portman to the Senate

Senate Guru writes:

Senate Guru:: OH-Sen: Rob Portman, "A Bush Guy": epublican Senate candidate two-time George W. Bush appointee Rob Portman will no doubt spend the entirety of his Senate campaign running away from George W. Bush and his record.  However, that will be awfully difficult given that Portman served as George W. Bush's Trade Representative (May 17, 2005 - May 29, 2006) and Office of Management and Budget Director (May 29, 2006 - June 19, 2007), two key roles on George W. Bush's economic team.  Nevertheless, Portman is trying to run from Bush and has been called out for it...


The Scorecard: 2008 Congressional campaign news and analysis: s the liberal Buckeye State Blog points out, Ohio Republican Rob Portman’s Senate campaign biography  avoids mentioning President Bush by name when describing his work in the President’s Cabinet. But he has no such qualms mentioning the first President Bush by name, where he served as Associate White House Counsel before his Congressional stint. Coincidence?

--Josh Kraushaar

Now service in the George W. Bush administration does not automatically disqualify one for further high office--there are people who have served in the Bush administration and have emerged with strengthened reputations, aren't there?

But Rob Portman was both the least effective USTR in history and the worst OMB Director in history--worse even than his predecessor, Mitch Daniels.