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Stupidest Man Alive Nomination: Bill Whittle

Submitted by Tbogg.

Bill Whittle writes:

Bill Whittle: No longer does Hollywood broadcast America’s mythic virtues to the world.... Now the great creative driving force of Hollywood is to present to America the anti-American hatred of the intellectuals watching in impotent fury out in the rest of the world. Of the six or seven war movies made during the last few years, all – save one – were spectacular failures... these films failed [because] – are you sitting down? – that most of the country, unlike Hollywood, has sons and daughters and fathers and brothers in the military and know for first-hand fact that they are... the bravest, the most capable, the most decent and honorable and just plain competent people we have.

And perhaps, just perhaps, it might enter that navel-gazing, self-centered, dim little brain to reflect that the one war movie that did out-of-the-park business was the one that showed the Marines as the good guys, winning on the battlefield, defending their people and their culture against long odds and full of the heroism and sacrifice that used to be so commonplace in this city… even if the Marines in question wore loincloths and funny helmets and advanced with spears and round shields.

Tbogg comments:

Rollover Bulwer-Lytton and tell Tom Clancy the news.... I assume that the movie  Whittle is referring to is (speaking of ham) 300, and, if I remember correctly... they all die, which is a funny way to go about "winning on the battlefield". 

But then I 'm not a pharmacist in Des Moines, so what the hell do I know?