Hopeful RNC Chair Ken Blackwell Denounces Herbert Hoover as a Dangerous Leftist
Don't Bet on It Ross...

The Withdrawal of the Tenured Berkeley Faculty from the Undergraduate Teaching Program Continues...

UPDATE: Let me stress: we are teaching undergraduates less because we are each teaching graduate students more, and we are each teaching graduate students more because there are fewer of us: we are down Yingyi Qian, Chad Jones, Chang-Tai Hsieh, George Akerlof (retired), David Romer, Christie Romer, Paul Ruud, and are about to be down Raj Chetty--but we as a department don't have their salaries to spend and only have permission to conduct one search...

I'm finding myself very busy this semester. But not with undergraduate courses with two-digit numbers or three-digit numbers beginning with "1". Lots of stuff to do with the graduate students, and too few faculty members:

  • Econ 210b: Financial Crises in Historical Perspective: M 12, Evans 39
  • Econ 298: History-Macro Dissertation Writers Lunch: M 12:30, Evans 601
  • Econ 202b: Macroeconomic Policy Lecture: Spring 2009: TTh 11, Cory 247
  • Econ 210a: Introduction to Economic History Lecture: Spring 2009: W 12, Evans 608-7
  • Econ 237: Macroeconomics Seminar: Th 2, Evans 597
  • Econ 235: Financial Economics Seminar: Th 4, Haas C210
  • Econ 211: Economic History Seminar: M 2, Evans 597
  • Office Hours: W10-12, 2-3 in 601 Evans, and by appointment (email [email protected] or call 925 708 0467)
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